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Don't Waste Your Employees POTENTIAL

Who spends their days working with customers and keeping your business running? It's your individual contributors. They are often the overlooked majority of your organization, and yet nothing gets done without their drive and commitment. Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to grow into empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and commit to getting results for your organization.

The single most essential ingredient in organizational success is the proactive behavior of individual contributors. 50% of individual contributors feel their jobs are stagnant*. 1/3 just do their job, and nothing more**.

What could your company accomplish if everyone was a self leader?

Your Investment in Self Leaders Pays Itself Back

Whether your company's strategic initiatives succeed depends on the commitment and initiative of those on the front line, the individual contributors in charge of executing and making them happen. When you arm those employees with the self leadership skillset and mindset, you build an empowered workforce that is innovative and effective.

Self leadership skills accelerate development | Ken Blanchard

Speed Development

Self leaders take charge of their own development—they ask for the guidance and support they need so they can move toward mastery more quickly.

Create higher performance with self leadership skills | Ken Blanchard

Improve Performance

Empowered self leaders are engaged and committed, consistently working hard to increase performance across your organization.

Improve employee personal accountability with self development programs | Ken Blanchard

Cultivate Personal Accountability

Self leaders do not need to be held accountable, they hold themselves responsible for achieving their goals and successfully implementing your organization’s initiatives.

Self leadership development increases innovation | Ken Blanchard


Empowered self leaders know how to overcome limits that hinder their ability to think outside the box when solving problems and addressing challenges.


We know how critical it is to your organization’s success that every employee be empowered, proactive, and dedicated to achieving results. Our Self Leadership development program teaches people at all levels of your organization how to become empowered self leaders who take responsibility and ownership for their own success.

Blanchard’s Self Leadership program uses the world’s most widely taught leadership model, SLII®, as its foundation and integrates the latest learning regarding the proactive skills individuals need to be maximally effective. Team members learn a common language for discussing their personal development and performance, allowing conversations with their managers to be more effective and building more trusting, open relationships.

Self Leadership teaches your individual employees the mindset and skillset needed to become proactive self-starters who know how to ask for direction and feedback, and sell their innovative solutions.

Self leadership development mindset diagram | Ken Blanchard
Self leadership skills diagram | Ken Blanchard

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Self Leadership will help your employees develop the mindset and skillset to become empowered, proactive self leaders who are productive, dedicated, and consistently work hard for your organization.

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**Gallup 2015 Engagement Survey