The expertise of your managers affects every aspect of your business: employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and results. Great management doesn’t usually happen on its own. Managers aren’t born knowing how to support, develop, and motivate their employees.

We believe that everyone deserves a great manager. As a leader training and development company, since 2012, through Blanchard programs, we train managers who know how to get the best out of their people, how to create excellent working places and deliver ultimate results for their organization.

why blanchard?

Our mission is to make great things happen for each of our clients. At every level of our organization, we go above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations.

  • Proven, Time-Tested Content
    With two of the world’s most widely used leadership frameworks, SLII® and The One Minute Manager, along with thought leadership in the areas of trust, motivation, change, and customer service, our content has been proven time and again to deliver valuable ROI for your investment.
  • Simple and Powerful Models
    Backed by years of research and experience, our leadership training programs offer simple models and powerful truths that are easy to grasp, easy to remember, and easy to apply immediately.
  • A Focus on Managers
    Managers are the core of your company. Our management training can help them to be effective operational leaders while they cultivate a great workplace experience for their employees.
  • Breadth and Depth of Experience
    Our team of thought leaders and experts deliver relevant leadership development training to help companies build a workforce that is passionate and productive, and produces results.

Meet Our Talented Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering leadership development programs that go beyond clients expectations to help them reach their goals.

Marija Pavić
A specialist psychologist by profession, certified therapist and coach, certified Trainer for trainers. Her main expertise is in the domain of leadership development and project development. She is involved in improving the functionality of people and companies through trainings, individual and group coaching, as well as HR consulting. Held hundreds of trainings, several thousand hours of coaching and a huge amount of assessments and consultations related to the HR area.
Antony Demetriou
An expert when it comes to recognizing and liberating employees’ hidden potential. As an executive leader, he was head of organizations of different industries in 60 countries. He is an honest and enthusiastic trainer and a coach for managers on every organizational level. Helps different companies define their vision and implement strategies, in order to overcome challenges and achieve success.
Spiros Paonellis
Has 25 years of experience in leading various international companies all around the world. Uses his expertise to implement leadership skill development programs, guiding different kinds of leaders through a unique journey, with proven results, enabling companies to achieve desired results. His passion for developing people’s skills always keeps him in a learning mode.
Arjeta Spahiu
Has 18 years of experience in working with international organizations. A jurist by profession, and a certified coach with M.A. in Business Administration. Also a certified trainer for Ken Blanchard Companies programs. Has the ability of comprehension and effective interaction with multicultural environments, as well as management advising related to complex legal and management issues.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to unleash the potential and power in people and organizations for the greater good.

    We are fair and ethical, and follow through on our commitments to our employees and our clients.
    We are committed to helping our people and our clients get to D4—the highest level of development in our SLII® model.
    We focus on what we do best and strive to build on our strengths to maximize the impact for our clients.
    We value conversation and talk things through. We collaborate with our clients and encourage new, divergent ways of thinking to overcome challenges, solve problems, and make improvements.
    We value Ken Blanchard’s spirit of compassion, humility, and abundance. Kenship describes our commitment to create connected relationships, serve others, and have fun.
    Everyone at Blanchard takes personal responsibility for keeping our company nimble, innovative, and healthy, so that we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives.